Sound Seal Acquires IAC Acoustics

Sound Seal, a manufacturer of acoustical and noise control products serving the industrial, architectural, commercial and construction industries, announced it has acquired New York-based industrial noise control manufacturer IAC Acoustics. This acquisition will further broaden Sound Seal’s noise control product and solution offering to its distribution partners, as well as expand their reach into additional markets and industry applications.

“With the acquisition of Industrial Noise Control (INC) in 2014, Sound Seal expanded our offering to include high performance acoustic metal solutions, manufactured in our 55,000-square-foot facility located in North Aurora, Ill. The acquisition of IAC Acoustics significantly increases our manufacturing capabilities and the breadth of rigid metal noise control systems available to Sound Seal customers. IAC Acoustics, in partnership with a very capable group of seasoned noise control distributors, brought the IAC brand to the pre-eminent position it holds today. Sound Seal is committed to building on this position by delivering innovative products and world class service to our customers, our distributor partners and the acoustic consultant community,” says Joe Lupone, CEO of Sound Seal.

Like INC, IAC Acoustics will become a division of Sound Seal and continue to offer its noise control system products, including HVAC silencers, acoustic louvers, sound control architectural doors and windows, and soundproof rooms.

Sound Seal is an independent company owned by members of its management team and its primary investor, Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners. “The acquisition of IAC is a perfect example of how the Sound Seal brand continues to find strategic growth opportunities in the architectural acoustics and noise control markets,” says Chris Lund, partner at Hamilton Robinson. “We are excited to support Sound Seal Management Team in this important strategic acquisition.”

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