Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance Announces Board of Directors

The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) announces its newly elected board of directors. Representing senior leaders from both the contractor and manufacturer sectors, the fifteen member board includes an executive committee and twelve additional voting members.
“Our Board of Directors represents top leaders in the spray polyurethane foam industry,” said Kurt Riesenberg, executive director of SPFA. “With contractors and manufacturers each represented, as well as both insulation and roofing, the SPFA is equipped to take the best course of action for our members and industry.”
The SPFA executive committee includes: John Achille, president of SPFA and vice president of Coastal Insulation Corp.; Tiffiny Flaim, vice president of SPFA and president of Biofoam; Richard Spiess, treasurer of SPFA and president of Innovative Insulation Solutions Ltd.
Incoming voting members of the SPFA Board of Directors include: Larry Ash, vice president of United Thermal Systems; Teri England, vice president of SmartChoice Insulation & Roofing; Tyler Fiske, spray foam manager of Anchor Insulation; Bryan Heldreth, vice president of RPC Industries; Bonnie Strickler, president and owner of PUFF Inc.; Ron Winkle, president of Roof Asset Management; Mitch Clifton, director of sales and marketing of NCFI Polyurethanes; Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla Industries Inc.; Nick Pagano, business development manager of Graco; Thomas Sojak, vice president of sales, GacoWallFoam Division of Gaco Western; Joe Stockdale, industry relations manager and commercial manager of Covestro; Ridge Stockdale, national accounts manager of Accella Performance Materials.
“This is an exciting time for our industry as we are faced with a multitude of opportunities and challenges,” said incoming SPFA President, John Achille. “Marketshare is growing and demand for the SPF product is up. But we still face difficulties in our sector. I am confident that our new board is more than qualified to lead our organization during this vibrant phase in our industry.”

The current SPFA Board of Directors will be active for the 2016-2018 duration.

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