Sto Corp. Is Part of Material ConneXion Product Library

Sto Corp. has announced it is now a part of Material ConneXion’s product library, for designers looking for unique materials and inspirational uses for its building products. Through Material ConneXion, Sto is able to reach the design community and also differentiate itself to trade professionals by positioning the company as spec-driven, focusing on projects.

“Material ConneXion reaches out to manufacturers who have products that can be used by designers in an ‘out of the box’ way,” says Jeff Diqui, manager, international design support and architectural engineer for Sto Corp. “We think that our products are stylish, and it’s great to be recognized by Material ConneXion and become a part of their product library online for members and in their library at their New York headquarters.

Currently two of Sto Corp.’s products, StoCoat Lotusan and StoCoat Climasan are in Material ConneXion’s product library. StoCoat Lotusan is an exterior coating with a self-cleaning effect, and StoCoat Climasan is an interior flat wall and ceiling coating, that when exposed to a light source, will neutralize odors from the air.

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