Survey Shows Infrastructure Stimulus is Critical

CG/LA Infrastructure surveyed U.S. infrastructure executives on whether a robust infrastructure stimulus was critical for the country to emerge from the current COVID-19-driven economic crisis. Here are the top findings:

  • 94 percent of respondents answered “yes” to whether an infrastructure stimulus was critical for the U.S. to emerge from the current crisis.
  • 69 percent say that the stimulus should be large, $400 billion or greater
  • 94 percent believe that the country should increase private infrastructure investment
  • 66 percent believe that the infrastructure stimulus should be at least 50 percent private

Respondents are from throughout the U.S., in the following categories:

  • Engineering/Construction – 35 percent
  • Finance/Investors – 19 percent
  • Technology – 14 percent
  • Services/Other – 20 percent

Separately, in its Global Infrastructure Industry Survey, CG/LA Infrastructure found only 5 percent of international respondents believe that investment will increase significantly following the pandemic, a sharp decline from 34 percent before the crisis. In total, only 27 percent believes that infrastructure investment would increase or increase significantly, a drop from 71 percent, when asked previously.

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