TAMKO Supports Covers 4 Others Program by Donating Three Roof Systems

Three homeowners across the U.S. got some very good news. TAMKO Building Products Inc. is once again supporting Aspen Contracting’s annual Covers 4 Others program by donating three roof systems to families nominated and chosen by the public to receive a free roof.

Winners of the Covers 4 Others this year have been announced and the first of the 2018 winners, single mother Terry F. of Springfield, Mo., has already had her TAMKO-donated roof installed.

“It’s a good day when we can provide some hope and help ease the burden of people in the middle of difficult circumstances,” says TAMKO president and CEO David Humphreys.

Charles T. of Grandview is receiving a TAMKO roof in the color of his choice installed by Aspen. He was nominated because of his long history of community service, especially his volunteer efforts with Grandview High School’s theater program. A series of health problems left Charles financially and physically unable to repair his damaged roof.

The third winner of a TAMKO-donated roof is Denver, widow Beatrice G., who suffered a heart attack and has a leaking roof. Her donated roof is also scheduled to be installed.

“We realize that there are many people out there who have made a positive impact in the community by serving our country, helping others in need, first responders and even those who may have experienced a hardship,” says Pat Nussbeck, president and CEO of Aspen. “Giving back is a part of our core values at Aspen and support from TAMKO helps us do that; to provide top quality shelter in the communities that we work in.”

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