Top Roof Contractors Launches

Top Roof Contractors has announced the initial results of its launch as well as outlines the growing list of benefits already being offered to its approved members and other market participants.

Key Highlights of the First Week

  • Greater-than-expected number of Day One member applications
  • More than a dozen estimate requests received across the country
  • Strong reception from the first roofing seminar attended in Erie, Pa.
  • Increasing social media numbers as interest continues to build

“In the first week of launching, we’ve had 19 companies begin the process of joining our fast-growing network,” states Jonathan Keim, marketing director of Top Roof Contractors. “This is particularly notable because only a small list of contractors were invited to join. Now that we’ve ensured a smooth onboarding process, we will begin to leverage the long-term relationships our team has built over the years and aggressively execute a nationwide awareness campaign.”

Primary Advantages Introduced to the Market

  • Single destination for commercial roofing connections through multi-network model
  • Higher standards of workmanship and safety through accountability
  • Assistance with verification of licenses, insurance, references and integrity
  • Commercial roofing-focused marketplace for equipment and services
  • Reward structure that incentives quality and ongoing collaboration among members

Each aspect of Top Roof Contractors has been designed to benefit all participants in the growing commercial roofing market. By learning what has worked best for other industry-specific organizations and solving the greatest challenges in the commercial space, the team behind this nationwide brand is well-positioned to grow its impact throughout the country.

Top Benefits for Commercial Roofing Contractors

  • Quality estimate requests from commercial building owners
  • Added credibility for higher closing rates via third-party verification process
  • Networking opportunities with fellow members who meet the same qualifications
  • Educational webinars and training events to further success
  • Discounts on 15 different items by commercial roofing-focused service providers

To learn more about the advantages of being a Top Roof Contractor, visit the website.

“So many benefits were made available on the first day as a result of the strong foundation laid by various partners and well-respected industry connections,” continues Mr.Keim. “The planning of this launch goes all the way back to 2013 when the domain name was secured. We’re very pleased to see our hard work validated within the first seven days and can’t wait to see all the things that transpire in the future.”

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