Touchscreen Showcases Energy Conservation in a Building’s Lobby

Automated Logic Corp.'s Eco-ScreenAutomated Logic Corp.'s Eco-Screen

Automated Logic Corp.'s Eco-Screen

Automated Logic Corp.’s Eco-Screen

Automated Logic Corp., a provider of building automation systems that maximize energy efficiency while ensuring occupant comfort, announced the release of Eco-Screen, an interactive software application that showcases energy and conservation measures within a building. This application seamlessly integrates with the WebCTRL building automation system and metering devices to monitor energy data, and then displays the information on a large touchscreen monitor in a lobby or shared area of a building. Automated Logic is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

The software integrates to an existing WebCTRL building automation system, which eliminates the need for the costly cloud-based fees and third-party involvement that other products require. Customers retain full control of their data, and can easily update information as needed to keep information current and relevant.

The Eco-Screen application is displayed through an interactive touchscreen presentation that allows visitors to drill down and view the unique energy saving features within the building, including energy and water usage, carbon dioxide emissions, outdoor air conditions and more. It provides historical data for energy consumption and outdoor air temperatures by hour, day, week, month or year and is capable of featuring historical highs and lows, total precipitation and weather trends. The Eco-Screen application compares a building’s energy savings data with a conventional, non-efficient building using real-time measurement gauges and graphs, and it builds awareness of LEED® certification, ENERGY STAR criteria.

The web-based version of Eco-Screen application also gives users the ability to view the data from multiple web browsers.

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