Vantage Controls Announces Software Integration With QMotion

Vantage Controls has announced full software integration with QMotion, also a Legrand brand, that brings control to bundled active and natural lighting systems. QMotion’s construction and retrofit shading solutions are now included in Design Center 3.7.
Design Center 3.7, the latest version of the Vantage Controls design and programming software that accompanies the InFusion automated lighting control system, is available for immediate download. Design Center, which allows live updating and syncs in seconds, is an intuitive and easy-to-program system design interface.
Features such as QMotion’s patented tug feature and simple bracket set-up enable dealers to achieve 20 percent faster installs, which increases margins. Additionally, with Design Center integration, shades can be commissioned in as little as five minutes per shade, equating to a 50 percent reduction in programming time. Together, Vantage Controls and QMotion reduce unnecessary service calls, optimizing dealer efficiency. 
Native Object Integration with QMotion includes additional key features:

  • Shade presets – On Equinox touchscreens and apps, users can make and save changes to shade open/close preset levels on the fly
  • 1-button shade control – Programming 1-button shade control on keypads and touchscreens has been improved from a 20-minute process to a couple seconds. With little effort, it enables users to raise, stop, and lower shade levels with 1-button on EasyTouch II keypads and discreet +/- controls from the scene widget
  • See and know battery levels – When shade battery levels are low, automatic graphical alerts on Equinox touchscreens and apps will notify users
  • Automatic shade read in – Design Center will automatically read all shades into your project, so you don’t have to manually enter each address
  • Live updating and syncs in seconds – Programming edits update in seconds, meaning you’re not waiting 10 minutes every time you make an update to the system—it happens in real time
  • Improved diagnostics and reports – Create and print QMotion shade schedules containing name, area, address, bus, upper and lower limits, and full open and full close travel times directly

To begin using Design Center 3.7 in current and future projects, download the appropriate files from the support section of the Vantage Controls website.
For more information about integrated shading solutions, visit the website.

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