Viega Extends Limited Warranty on MegaPress and MegaPressG

Viega LLC is extending the limited warranty on its MegaPress and MegaPressG fittings to 15 years from the current 10 years for most applications.

Viega prides itself on offering a MegaPress product for diverse applications, but in doing so it has had to understand and account for some of the worst-case conditions its products will face when determining the scope of its warranties. This has left some of the most common, least corrosive applications with shorter warranty terms, said Will Dutcher, product manager, Metals IPS, Viega.

“Given the proven performance of our products, we are confident in extending the warranties on our most common applications, including fire sprinkler, compressed air, and gases for MegaPress and natural gas for MegaPressG in nonindustrial, non-marine environments. Viega fittings systems have always been some of the most reliable in the industry and our warranties now reflect that,” Dutcher says.

This warranty change is not limited to carbon steel MegaPress, but also includes stainless when used in commercial applications, like MegaPress 316 for potable water in a commercial building. The longer warranties against manufacturing defects go into effect immediately and cover product installed after publication of the latest edition. Find additional details on the MegaPress warranty. Read for more details on the MegaPressG warranty.

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