Viega LLC Announces First Half of 2018 Training Programs

Viega LLC has announced the schedule for the first half of its 2018 training programs at the Viega Educational Facility located in Nashua, N.H. The programs aim to bring plumbing and heating professionals up to speed with the latest technologies in the industry.

Some of the programs offered for early 2018 include press technology courses for carbon steel and copper. These courses demonstrate through practical examples and hands-on instruction the advantages of press pipe-joining technology over traditional methods and the ability of press systems to increase installation efficiency and decrease downtime. Other training programs on the schedule include: LoopCAD; NFPA 13D Fire Sprinkler; Radiant Piping and Controls; Radiant Design and Software; Radiant and Hydronics Troubleshooting; Radiant Systems and Hydronics 101.

“Viega takes responsibility in providing education for its solutions and products,” says Jason McKinnon, director of technical services at Viega. “No matter if an attendee is a beginner installer or an experienced engineer, our training courses are designed to teach relevant information on recent technologies and methods for all experience levels, so that they can remain on the cutting edge in providing industry practices and solutions for all applications.”

The training programs cover a variety of subjects; courses may be purchased in one-day, two-day, three-day or week-long packages. Each package price includes meals, and other options include hotel, airfare and tool access in addition to the training. Viega offers classes for groups of 10 or more, as well as customized training programs designed for specific needs.

Visit here to register or see a full list of courses.

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