Wall Tiles Don’t Require Grout

ACP LLC has introduced Palisade Waterproof, Grout-Free Tiles. This new waterproof wall product features unique, interlocking edges that does not require grout, making it easy to install onto nearly any surface with adhesive.

Palisade Waterproof, Grout-Free Tiles feature unique, interlocking edges that do not require grout, making it easy to install onto nearly any surface with adhesive.

Cut, milled and packaged at ACP’s Neenah, Wis., facility, Palisade makes tile projects easier and faster for residential and commercial customers. They are easily cut to size with a saw or utility knife, and can be applied to wallboard, existing tiles and other smooth surfaces with adhesive. Because they are water repellent and resist mold and mildew, they’re perfect for wet areas in rooms like baths, kitchens and basements.

Palisade tile installations are also less expensive than traditional tiles which often require a contractor and added materials like grout, or special tools. They’re easy to keep clean, are 100% recyclable and can be taken to any plastic recycling facility.

Each Palisade tile is 5 mm thick and consists of a rigid core board covered with realistically printed multi-colored film and a protective top layer. Each tile color is available in two sizes, large and small format. Each small format tile measures 23.2-inches long by 11.1-inches wide; large format tiles measure 25.6-inches long by 14.8-inches wide. Palisade tiles look like various stone and custom-concrete finishes that mimic high-end installations. Both formats are available in 12 finishes.

Palisade wall planks are also available in three beautiful wood-look finishes. Each plank measures 47-inches long by 7.43-inches wide. An assortment of matching trims is also available. Palisade tub and shower kits will also be available soon. The kits contain everything needed to complete an 84-square-foot tub or shower enclosure, and includes tiles, trim, adhesive and sealant.

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