Water Leak Alarm Avoids Costly Damages

The patented Flood Buzz warns of an impending water leak by sounding an alarm. 

The patented Flood Buzz warns of an impending water leak by sounding an alarm. 

Occasionally, a water leak may occur after an appliance repair or appliance installation, and that water leak can cause damages and high expenses for your company.  It can also lead to increased insurance premiums and negative online customer reviews.
Preventing water damage and protecting your business has been simplified with the Flood Buzz, the water leak alarm.  The patented Flood Buzz warns of impending water leaks before they wreak havoc by sounding an alarm when it senses a water leak condition. 
This solution helps appliance retailers, installers and servicers sidestep the problems that come with unanticipated water leaks.  The Flood Buzz Small alarms avoid costly damages, insurance claims, and bad customer reviews as a result of water leaks after an installation or servicing of appliances. 
At only 1.5-inches tall and 1.75-inches wide at its base, the water leak alarm fits under refrigerators and icemakers, behind dishwashers, and next to washing machines.  When the Flood Buzz Small senses a water leak, it sounds a 90-95 dB alarm, alerting the customer to contact the appliance installer or service provider to repair the leak before there is costly damage. Customers love the fact that their appliance retailer and service company are proactively helping to protect their homes.  Appliance professionals love the fact that they enhance their positive reputation and dodge the difficulties that come with managing the damage from water leaks too late.
Flood Buzz products are in use in thousands of homes, buildings and facilities throughout North America and by national service brands and appliance retailers. 
Flood Buzz is manufactured and distributed by Archetype Ltd., a New Jersey-based product development and manufacturing group that provides adaptable and affordable products. For more information call (866)797-6686 or visit the website.

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