Web-Based Tool Highlights the Appropriate Shadecloth for a Project

MechoSystems introduces its web-based Shadecloth Features Selector and its WhisperShade DC Electronic Drive Unit.

MechoSystems introduces its web-based Shadecloth Features Selector and its WhisperShade DC Electronic Drive Unit.

MechoSystems has announced its Shadecloth Features Selector and its low-voltage WhisperShade DC Electronic Drive Unit.

The Shadecloth Features Selector is an interactive web-based tool that allows a designer to search for a specific shadecloth via the needed criteria for a specific project. This is done by selecting desired attributes through the multi-level search criteria/filters. Environmental certifications and technical specification criteria can be selected for sorting by the Features Selector.

Then, the list of selections can be viewed, saved as a CSV file, or the search results can be printed. Other features in the selector guide are links to the certification, links to technical data such as solar transmission characteristics, photos and lists of colors offered within a series, and a reference definition which is gained by hovering the mouse over the certification name within the chart.

Now a Designer can perform a search for a shadecloth series based on environmental certifications and/or technical parameters in an objective manner to meet specified criteria or for compliance with various rating standards such as LEED, Well Building Challenge or Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

The Shadecloth Features Selector is focused on the environmental certifications that many textiles have, as a way of highlighting the shadecloth appropriate for a specific project. Search criteria can include, contributing to LEED v4, Health Product Declaration, Declare Label, Cradle to Cradle Certified, GREENGUARD, and PVC Free.

The WhisperShade DC Electronic Drive Unit is a low-voltage motor for shades that are compatible with the MechoNet operating system used in roller shade automation. The WhisperShade DC motor is quiet and paired with sound-dampening brackets, and it is a member of the ElectroShade family of motorized shades. The motor features customizable preset shade positions (16 preset stopping positions), programmable addressing, and wired or wireless control capability. The motor features built-in networking capability and can be used with other MechoSystems motors (line-voltage) in a building to provide harmonious shade motorization control no matter which motor is needed for a particular window or shade system.

The low-voltage motor also offers the lifting capability of 40 pounds to power shades at a max height of 24 feet. The DC motor will enable more installations of motorized or automated shades due to installation ease and less stringent codes/regulations for the installation of DC powered motors compared to conventional line-voltage motors. The motors have a 10-year warranty.

Shade automation utilizing motors (DC or line-voltage or both) fosters daylight integration which saves energy and the use of daylight promotes circadian rhythm and combats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Promoting daylight and maintenance of views to the outside, are often an earned LEED point and other sustainability oriented building rating standards recognize the importance of utilizing daylight within the built environment.

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