Webinar to Outline Creating an Energy Benchmarking Service

The Energy Management Association is teaming up with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program to host an AIA-approved webinar that will outline key concepts and best practices for developing an ongoing energy benchmarking service.

Energy benchmarking with ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager creates opportunities when it is implemented as an ongoing service to position the solution provider as a trusted advisor. Tracking and benchmarking energy use for client properties positions facility service companies as conscious of their clients cost and accountable for recommendations. The result is better client retention, differentiation, and ultimately better profit margins.

  • Webinar Title: Energy Benchmarking as a Service with ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager
  • Sponsors: If you are interested in sponsoring this webinar, contact [email protected]
  • When: Dec. 3, 2020, 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central / 12:00 PM Mountain / 11:00 AM Pacific
  • Registration Link
  • Presenter: Peter Flippen, IEI Solutions (on behalf of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Partnership)

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the opportunity to position your business as a trusted advisor using Portfolio Manager benchmarking.
  • Define the difference between Portfolio Manager energy benchmarking as a project versus an ongoing service.
  • Identify the key concepts and designs for an ongoing energy benchmarking service
  • Outline a plan for piloting and launching a benchmarking service.
  • Continuing Education Credits: AIA 1 LU

Who Should Attend?

  • Commissioning Providers
  • Building Owners & Facility Managers
  • Energy Managers
  • MEP Engineers
  • HVAC Testing Professionals

The Energy Management Association is dedicated to providing education, training and certification to energy management professionals on behalf of building owners. Its Energy Management Professional Certification (EMP) features a commissioning-based curriculum that maximizes energy efficiency and optimization of building systems.

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