Wirelessly Control Virtually Any Type of Commercial Lighting

Leviton has launched the GreenMAX DRC Wireless Room Control System. The new Wireless Keypad Room Controller allows the GreenMAX DRC System to communicate with Leviton wireless devices and Intellect-enabled fixtures. Wirelessly control virtually any type of commercial lighting from 0-10V and phase cut dimming to DMX and DALI with one system.

Leviton has launched the GreenMAX DRC Wireless Room Control System.

The Wireless Keypad Room Controller acts as the brain of the GreenMAX DRC Wireless system enabling it to communicate with other Leviton wireless devices. Add wireless occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities, as well as wireless zonal control to any ON/OFF or 0-10V dimming or phase cut dimming devices. For wireless fixture control, add Intellect-enabled fixtures.

The system is fully configurable with the WiFi-enabled GreenMAX DRC App—the only setup tool needed. GreenMAX DRC offers end users flexibility and scalability to grow and change as business needs evolve. Add additional components at any time to modify or expand the system and reconfigure rooms and zones using the GreenMAX DRC App. Users can wirelessly configure system preferences, group and scene settings, daylighting behaviors, and more. In addition, GreenMAX DRC Wireless can be used to comply with IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 lighting control requirements.

GreenMAX DRC Wireless uses a wireless mesh network for communication between devices. Fully encrypted for security and secure communication with multiple levels of user privilege and controlled user access, the system is not dependent on internet connectivity for operation or configuration.

With this expansion, users can also integrate GreenMAX DRC Wired for a hybrid solution with Sapphire Touchscreen for a configurable user interface or GreenMAX Relay Control Panels for additional control capabilities.

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