WiZ Connected Lighting Adds to Its OEM Partnership Program

WiZ Connected Lighting has added 10 North American companies to its WiZ Connected OEM partnership program.

The WiZ Connected program allows OEM partners to integrate the WiZ Connected Controller into their LED driver. This offers customers full control of their lighting experience through WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy capability via the Android and iOS WiZ consumer and WiZ Pro apps, and through cloud web services for improved interoperability and scalability together with flexible multi-user control capability. All WiZ Connected lights from any partner will work with voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home and, later this year, Apple HomeKit. Additionally, WiZ provides automatic firmware updates, secure and interoperable cloud services as well as the WiZ end user support in six languages.

“Our OEM partnership program aims at fast tracking manufacturers to full IoT capability at an affordable price. All WiZ technology enabled luminaires are fully interoperable with each other and with all WiZ branded products already available online and in stores in the U.S., we are building an open ecosystem which will provide a large choice of luminaires to consumers and lighting professionals alike,” says Jeff Beck, director of OEM and alliances for WiZ.”

The new OEM partners include:

  • Bridgelux – Since 2002, Bridgelux has helped companies, industries and people experience the power and possibility of light. The company designs solid-state lighting solutions that are high performance, energy efficient, cost effective and easy to integrate.
  • Designers Fountain – Designers Fountain has been designing and manufacturing decorative and functional lighting products since 1982. DF lighting fixtures are available through a network of authorized lighting showrooms, distributors, major national retail chains, and online retailers.
  • Eclipse Lighting – Eclipse Lighting provides decorative lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Form & Reform – Furniture, lighting and accessories created by Form & Reform celebrate the flexibility, durability, and beauty of iron. Form & Reform uses centuries-old blacksmithing techniques and modern processes to bring out the textures, shapes and finishes in the material, with each piece designed by Jon Sarriugarte.
  • Fidelux – Fidelux connects light with technology, engineering, architecture, and businesses. The company also looks to conserve energy with products that provide light at a lower cost than before.
  • Green Image Tech – Green Image Tech is a LED lighting company based on the fundamentals of the 3E concept, energy, ecology and economy. It is involved in industrial, commercial and residential projects whose designs require a high caliber of lighting solutions.
  • Performance in Lighting – Performance in Lighting USA concentrates on specification grade luminaires designed to provide an array of lighting solutions, with a focus on outdoor products for illuminating commercial spaces, from structural facades to parking areas.
  • Startek – StarTek Lighting America designs, engineers, and manufactures LED lighting solutions in Gurnee, Ill., for commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational applications.
  • ATX LED – ATX LED Inc. saves builders costs in new construction with 100 percent DC lighting solutions.

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